Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My PC locked up on me early Sunday morning and nothing I did made any difference. So it's at the shop getting straightened out. Probably a virus even though whenever my virus protection runs scans it always shows everything ok. Apparently something got past that (which from what I understand isn't all that uncommon). So the pc is supposed to be back by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I'm using my old pc which is hooked up to **gasp!!** dialup. It's amazing how fast you forget how slow dialup is. And I used to be perfectly happy having dailup. Now it's driving nuts! Granted, it's not as bad as having no internet at all. I'm still able to pay my bills, email, post to various boards, read Steve's blog (although getting the comments section to open is tricky -- that can be a good thing though...), check ebay, etc., so it's not really a huge hardship. However, I just picked up the most recent batch of Steve's paintings from the photographer last night and trying to upload those images (even with them being low res) on dialup is daunting. And even putting in the PayPal shopping cart buttons is a pain in the ass this way.

I just cooked a frozen pizza for Di and me and am going to kick back, eat the pizza and watch a movie -- I think it's going to be The Full Monty -- and then see how I feel about giving the uploading a try.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

ARRRRGGGGG!!!! i hate dialup. and to think that was da shit back in the day. i have had DSL and thought THAT was mach speed, but it required me to put all kinds of special filters on my phone lines. this time i'm really spoiled~~i have cable now and it's lightning fast.

but my PC's running really slow, too. it's overweight and it needs a diet. i only have about 23% free space left, and~~**blush**~~it's all photos. so i need to put them on disk. guess i'd better get bizzy with it before something happens....**knocking on wood**

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