Thursday, July 19, 2007

Horsing Around

Sorry the image is so small. It was from an old scanned snapshot and when I tried to make it a bit larger it pixallated. :-( It looks better when you click on it. Not much, if any, larger, but more clear.

I just bought a bunch of glass supplies, partly to make a horsehead panel like the gray one pictured above (the arts coop I'm in is doing a group show with a horse theme for August). If I have the time (and inclination) I might also make the chestnut horse too. I just think the gray one is more striking, but they appeal to differet people (depending on what breeds they like), so it's kind of nice to have a couple.

I ended up spending over $300 on supplies to make a panel that's not worth that. Typical. Of course I bought stuff I won't use on that panel but will use for some other things I'm planning. And I can make several of the same horse panels or many smaller suncatcher horseheads (which are more apt to sell). I know if I could just get my studio properly set up I could probably find several of the things I just ordered, but I figure it's better to just get the stuff I need and get working (my brother, who owns the house, is supposed to be installing various lights and outlets and such so I have the things I need to set up a work area, but that's not really happening). In having to do everything in a temporary setup it limits what I can do, but if I wait for him I'll never get anything done. I can't really complain about him though considering how much of a slug I've been over the past few years. I'm pleased to be feeling like working on this stuff again -- I just hope I come up with things I like (and then that other people will like them enough to buy them ;-) ).


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