Thursday, July 05, 2007


A few entries ago I mentioned some paintings Steve sent me that got smeared in transit. I noted I was able to fix up all but one...well apparently I'm better at this art restoration than I thought because everyone I've shown the piece to -- including Steve (I sent him the pic the photographer took) -- thinks it looks just fine. In fact the photographer told me she couldn't figure out which one I thought had problems at all.

I have to admit it makes me feel good to know I was able to get it looking so good. And after not seeing it for a week while they were off getting photographed when it came back it did look better than I remembered. Still, I wanted to make sure it looked ok so I emailed Steve the image to look at. He's usually a very harsh critic of his own work, so since he thinks it looks fine that's great news to me. I think the reason I was dissatisfied is that I had stared at it so closely for a couple of hours while I was cleaning up the smudges. I guess I got caught up in looking at the trees and misse the forest so to speak.

So the result is that it's going up with all the rest of this batch and we are going to charge full price (which is still quite reasonable) for it. Yay!


Blogger veleska1970 said...

i used to do photo restoration quite a bit, once upon a time. it was always great to have someone say that they couldn't tell where the damage was. talk about an ego-booster!!!

i'm glad you were able to fix steve's painting. just don't allow any forklifts to come near!! ;)

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