Sunday, July 15, 2007 is no longer my friend :-(

You know my pc problems over the past two weeks? To the shop twice. Well... turnes out was the culprit. It was pulling 97% of my processor capacity. The other 3% was trying it's little heart out, but just couldn't do it. It wasn't technically locked up, but it was doing all other tasks so very slowly the effect was the same. Upon startup the pc would get to a certain point and just stop. It wouldn't do anything for 10-15 minutes -- sometimes longer. Then it would suddenly have a little burst of energy and would proceed a little further then stop again.

Before I took it in the second time I managed to get it all the way through the startup, got online, got to one of my email accounts where I looked at my inbox and one email, then turned off the computer through "correct" channels (rather than just hitting the fucking switch). Just that took over two hours. That was obviously unacceptable.

The wild thing is the program wasn't even actively running (it's a program to track what you play on your media players such as itunes, and Windows media player) when the computer guy found it pulling so much processor capacity. And it couldn't do that all the time since I've had it on my pc since late April without this type of thing happening (although I did have a few problems with websites not responding -- I never realised it was because of that) and many other people have run it for years with few if any problems. Apparently, though it can cause problems for some people, and I got to be one of those lucky souls.

The pissy thing is I really enjoyed that program, but the problems I had with it aren't worth the hassle, so I won't be using that again.

On the plus side -- my pc is currently running beautifully. :-)


Blogger veleska1970 said...

glad you got your computer back. my computer has some issues, too, and i'm always pulling up the task manager to check the CPU usage meter. i have an old adobe photoshop program that tends to stick and sometimes it gets ravenous and eats up all my usage, too~~i'll check it and it shows the CPU at 70 or so.

but a lot of my problem is my own making.....i have close to 12,000 images (my own photography!!) in my pictures folder and i just haven't purged them. that takes up a HUGE amount of disc space.

**sigh** the wonderful world of computers.

2:13 PM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

Glad to see your problems have been solved - well at least the problems with the PC, right? :-)

I think snowfaller may resume blogging soon, very soon.

Love the new SK paintings!

5:51 PM  

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