Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Loki

This is my little cat Loki. He arrived a little over three years ago. Most of the strays that would find their way to me were fairly young -- usually between six months and two years, but Loki had obviously been around the block a few times. His back teeth seem fairly decent, but his front fangs are all broken off or worn down and the for the most part the little tiny front teeth are just gone. He doesn't seem to have any problem eating though. He has a lot of scars on him (not as many as BOC though) from numerous cat fights; has a silver dollar sized scar on his back right before his hips that won't grow hair (the fur around it covers it though, so it isn't too noticable); and he still has either a BB or shotgun pellet just under the skin in one of his front legs. The vet said as long as the pellet didn't bother him to just leave it, so we have. Shortly after he arrived he got into a fight with one of my other cats who managed to scratch his eye. I had to take him to the vet to get his eyelids stitched closed so it could heal (he got his shots and got neutered at the same time, so it was a big vet visit for Loki!), and when I brough him home I couldn't very well just let him back out (this was when I lived in a rural area), so he came in to live with me. The eye healed well, although it is a bit cloudy from the scar tissue.

He's not a cat who likes to be picked up or held, but he does love to snuggle when I sit or lay down or work on the computer (he's a real pain in the ass when I'm on the computer sometimes, but he's so cute I can't really get mad at him). He doesn't really trust anyone else and usually disappears when anyone else comes into the house, but he thinks I'm wonderful and will come running up to me. He's a very sweet, but very funny little cat.

When I was trying to name him I had some other names I wanted to use, but when I sat on the porch and called him by those names he gave no reaction at all. Well, that's not exactly true -- he would look away and refuse to look at me when I called him by those names. Finally I said "Loki" and he immediately turned my way with this "You called?" look on his face. I couldn't help but laugh, and that pretty much settled the name thing. I figure it fits him -- with all his scarring and such I figure he certainly had gotten into his fair share of mischief.

See the little bright green cat toy between Loki and the cat carrier in the picture? That's Loki's first ever toy and still, three years later, his favourite. :-)


Blogger snowfaller said...

Isn't it funny how each cat picks out certain toys they love more than others?

I agree on the whole cats/computer conundrum. Mine like to sit right in front of the monitor so I can't see what I am doing.

Fortunately, they stay off the keyboard so I end up with stuff like askfhuykaeyfk, etc. (or accidentally send emails that aren't done or anything).

Whenever I figure out how to download photos and stuff I'll get pictures of my cats on my blog.

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