Monday, July 30, 2007

Mitzi -- sickie

My oldest cat, Mitzi (she's in her late teens) was feeling puny this weekend and stopped eating. She has chronic upper respiratory problems and also kidney disease, but for the most part those things are under control. Except for this weekend when the respiratory infection got the better of her. Luckily I have antibiotics, pedialyte, and nutri-cal (low volume, high calorie paste) so I managed to keep some nutrients going into her while the antibiotics had a chance to work. She really did not like me forcing her to eat the paste and drink some of the pedialyte solution and if she had felt better I would have been in world of trouble!

I was thinking I would take her to the emergency vet Sunday, but she seemed a bit perkier when I got up and she also seemed to want to eat. Since I felt she had improved I waited a bit longer (the emergency vet is only a short drive -- maybe 15-20 minutes and is open 24 hours a day) and sure enough in the late afternoon she started to eat! That's always such a relief. She hasn't eaten a lot yet, but just being interested in it and actually eating are big steps forward. I probably still will call my regular vet and get an appointment for her in the next couple of days because she might be a bit dehydrated (that's a problem with cats with kidney disease) and need some extra fluids. I think the last time she had something like this she also got a shot of antibiotic and a B vitimin shot. It couldn't hurt for her to get a little once over anyway.

She still sounds pretty stuffed up, but is resting much more comfortably now than she has in several days. She might be a Hell Cat Bitch, but I like the little heller.


Blogger veleska1970 said...

i'm glad mitzi's doing better. i hate it when animals get sick.

i think sylvester had a virus about a week ago, but it was short-lived thank goodness. he's back to his ever-loving self. he loves to be flipped over onto his back and cradled in your arms like an infant, but last week he didn't want that. must have been a tummy ache.

but this week all is back to normal. christina was carrying around the spoiled brat yesterday, nuzzling his head....

12:12 PM  
Blogger snowfaller said...

Well that's good news for the cat.

One of my cats had to have some teeth removed and after the cleaning, etc. he needed antibiotics.

I naively thought the medicine would have some sort of taste/smell that a cat would enjoy.

Yeah, right, I've never seen him run away so fast!

Fortunately, I was able to mix it in with some of his food. Don't know if it had its full potency, etc. but he didn't get infected.

The funny thing is he had to be on soft food for a week (which obviously meant the other cat got to eat soft food for a week too!). Talk about a couple of spoiled cats. Sometimes I think they think every time I come home it means it's time for soft food...

So after I put the antibiotics in the food (it was liquid medicine that supposedly you could get a cat to take from a syringe - there's no way in hell!) I had to keep spinning the plate around to make sure the right cat was eating the part that had the medicine.

Talk about the silly things we do for our pets!

9:15 PM  

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