Thursday, August 16, 2007

Indianapolis tidbits

-- walking along the backstage passages (following the security guard who was showing me where to take some stuff I had for the merch table) in the venue in Indy and seeing SK about 20 feet ahead of us headed to the stage for sound check. He was wearing that green shirt he has on in one of the really short video clips on his Myspace site and I remember thinking "that really is a good colour on him." lol

-- sound check. I had brought some more of Steve's art cards for the merch table, so I was giving them to Petra and checking what prints had sold. You know how they do the "one, two, check, check" bit when they are checking out their mics? Well, SK kept chanting "eek, eek, kiabgoa, Holly, eekie, eekie" and such. When he'd do that I'd kinda steal a glance and grin, but for the life of me I just couldn't force myself to turn around and wave! I wanted to, but then I got this panicked thought that maybe he wasn't talking to me at all. As if he really knows someone else with my exact first and last name and two of my Indiana. **sigh** Leave it to me to be wigged out about something like that. Oh, and they played Holly Holy -- that was really cool. :-)

-- As sound check was winding down I had to take the cookies I brought (choc chip -- and they were mighty good) back to the lounge so they didn't get snarfed down by the crowd. ...and guess who I should run into exiting the stage? :-D I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. And asked "didn't you hear me saying eekie, eekie, kiabgoa, in there?" I said "yeah, I did" and he gave me this very quick "okaaay" look, but then said "c'mon" and took me to the lounge and introduced me to everyone. Everyone was really nice and liked the cookies and the Jagermeister and Unicum I also brought -- had to have something to wash down the cookies! Then he said "I have to finish, listen to this" and handed me his ipod. So I got to listen to a couple of songs from Mimesis while he finished up that day's blog. He types it with one finger. Not one finger on each hand. One finger.

-- the dvd I mentioned in the post I linked to yesterday was that short movie the band did the music for -- Shriek. Actually got to see it once PV got it working (thanks PV! good thing someone knew what he was doing! ;-) ). Steve and Tim do the voices for two of the characters at the beginning (from what I understand the characters are created by the author in the movie which is why their speech is stilted -- as if it's being typed as it's spoken), and several of Steve's paintings are used. It's about 14-15 min long and is now available to see online if you'd like. Click here. It's a companion/teaser for the book. And apparently the band is going to release (maybe via download only) the music they made for the movie. I think I remember hearing they made something like 45 or so minutes worth. The music in the movie is cool, so I look forward to eventually hearing the rest.

So. What about the actual concert, you ask? Well...that part I don't actually remember. One of the reasons I make sure to go to several of their shows is that it takes me a show or two before I can really relax and absorb the music. I know I enjoyed it -- I was amazed at how intense their "acoustic" show was and I was thrilled when they started playing Block and I was blown away by Grind and Invisible. But for the most part this show was very hazy for me. I think my wee brain was still trying to process "OMG! I'm wearing Steve Kilbey's headphones and listening to his ipod!" (even though by then I wasn't anymore.) ;-)


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