Friday, August 10, 2007

Woman with a Headache

Yesterday SK titled his blog entry "Man of Sorrows." Well, Woman with a Headache certainly fits me right now.

It's related to the video conferencing plan I briefly outlined a few days ago in a post. To do it (as easily as possible) I'm having to get certain hardware -- webcams and a laptop (and probably some more stuff I haven't thought of yet). Well the laptop just came late this afternoon so I figured I would give it a quick spin. Since I plan to mostly use it for surfing when I'm not at home and for the video conferencing, I thought I'd set it up to get online. It's not hard to do -- hell, I set up my internet connections on all the other computers I've ever had.

But this is a Mac (ibook) and not only have I never had one before, I've never used one before, not even a little. It's not hugely different in the really basic features, but it's different enough that it's been a pain in the ass to set up. And of course I'm not all that much of a wiz with this type of thing anyway. It was asking for things that I had no fucking clue what they were. I mean, I know I have a cable connection, but past that what it was asking for was alphabet soup to me. I just looked at it and wailed "how the hell am I supposed to know that?" And that's when the headache started.... But three and a half hours later (and a longish call to my ISP's help line) I'm online on this little bastard!

I do think with a little time I'll get quite comfortable using this system, and not having to mess with various drivers and installation discs for the webcams will make that part very easy. Plus by getting an ibook it mean I won't have to figure out how to make this video conferencing thing work with two different systems. Going through a bit of a learning curve over the next few months will be worth not having the almost certainly greater hassles of dealing with incompatible systems. least I hope it will be. I'm sure I'll wonder what the fuck I was thinking when I decided this was a good idea many more times before it's all over.

One cool thing is this ibook has a cd-r/dvd-r superdrive instead of the more common (in this size -- 12 in screen) cd-r/dvd combo drive. That means I can burn both cds and dvds instead of just cds. Now I doubt I'll really be doing a hell of a lot of that with it, but it's still cool to have. :-)

Hey, I'd look right at home backstage at a Church gig. :-D Ok...I wouldn't look so at home, but my laptop would! lol!


Blogger Brien Comerford said...

You are too kind for sending me the CDS. I will make a donation to SKs blog. Since 1992(Priest=Aura)The Church have been the greatest ever including The Beatles. Peace. I tried to send a message via Myspace but it did not go through.

Peace and God Bless u !

1:13 PM  
Blogger veleska1970 said...

personally i prefer a mac over anything else. but i don't have one, unfortuantely, because my mother uses my computer and that's all she knows. i have tried to explain to her that macs are much easier to use than ibm's, but i guess you can't teach a dog new tricks. you and sk have matching laptops now? heh heh heh.... :)

1:25 PM  

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