Tuesday, July 31, 2007

video conferencing

I've been driving myself nuts over the past several hours researching what is required to do some video conferencing. Because I'm not particularly technically oriented (that's putting it mildly) I need equipment which is very easy to use. I think I found what I need and it actually sounds very doable, which is kind of scary. ;-)

I'll almost certainly blather on about this adventure as I gather all the equipment and attempt to get it to work (that should be an adventure in its self).


Blogger lily was here said...

Whats it for Hollers? We've just had VC equipment installed at work .. so big brother can watch us?! Lucky 4 me they sent an installer to do all the techie stuff. It was kind of creepy at first, before we figured out how to work it, strangers kept popping into our classroom, turning on our camera, voices out of the blue! 1984 is here already LOL

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