Friday, August 17, 2007


-- I got there early (I was transporting some equipment in my car for PV) and got to park in the "band" parking area. Yay!!! I hate having to find parking. So I go traipsing in -- hell the door was open (and I had talked to PV earlier in the day so I knew it was ok). I think the first person I saw was Tiare...we said hi and then she told me the hotel they stayed in the night before (Vernon Manor -- they drove right from the Indy venue to Cincinnati) was supposed to be haunted. She thought that was pretty cool. I had to laugh as the Vernon Manor was where the high school I went had it's prom during most of the years I went there. I never went though as in those days no one went stag and I couldn't see the sense of finding some random boy, spending lots of money, eating lousy food, and listening to an even worse band, just so I could go to the prom.

-- the venue -- 20th Century Theatre -- was a lovely place. It had little votive candles on the tables and the floor was sloped so every seat had a good view of the stage. Turnout was decent, but not spectacular. The crowd was pretty good (except a couple of people who kept chatting away and got told off by MWP, much to the rest of the crowd's delight), and the show was very good, but it never quite took off into that extra special zone.

-- I watched as Tiare and Tim took the photo which would become the cover art for the Easy single. It was taken in Cincy on the stage as they were tearing down after the show. That was cool to watch.


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