Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well I finally canceled a couple of internet service providers I haven't used in two or three years. I'm good at switching to new providers if I don't like the service from the old one, but I suck at cancelling the old one. Gotta work on changing that.

Now I need to cancel my voice mail service on my landline phone since I have an answering machine and have never set up the voice mail. It's costing me something like $7.95 a month, which isn't a lot, but when you have several services you don't use costing $5 to nearly $30 per month it gets substantial -- at least to me. Just cancelling the two internet providers and voice mail will save me just over one month's rent per year. What I really should do is cancel the landline phone entirely since I very rarely use it and could easily use my cell phone instead. Cancelling the internet providers and the entire landline would cover nearly one and a half months' rent or one month's rent and eight months of cell phone bills. I never get even close to my cell phone plan minutes (many of the people I call are in my network and calls to them are free), so it's not as if that bill would get any larger.


Blogger snowfaller said...

I hate to think about how much I spend on my communication options. Between my ISP, my landline, and my cell phone I know I could probably combine stuff and save some money but it just seems like such a hassle...

I always get a good laugh out of my cell phone bill. I get something like 500 minutes a month and use maybe 40? I'm sure they get a good laugh out of me paying for it every month too.

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