Monday, August 27, 2007

Steve-o has a rare talent

..for pissing people off. It's one of the things I most love about him. I love that he says what he thinks, even if it isn't going to be popular. :-)

This time the brouhaha (or tempest in a teapot -- which is probably more accurate) is over what he wrote about the Saints episode on the Great Australian Albums series. Ed Kuepper was apparently a bit miffed. Here is a link to a blog which has both Steve's entry and Ed's thoughts on that (and also his thoughts on the show).


Blogger Me said...

I don't see why Ed would be upset. Steve admitted the guy was cool, just that he didn't get their music. And then he made fun of himself and showed a bit of envy. So what's to get angry about?

12:28 PM  
Blogger eek said...

Yeah I didn't think it was all that big of a deal myself. I just think it's amusing that anyone would be miffed at what he wrote -- I mean in the range of Steve rants, that was extremely mild. And he did make more fun of himself than anyone else.

6:40 AM  

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