Monday, September 10, 2007

Steve Kilbey Birthday Sale at SK Art site

I'm posting this everywhere else, so it might as well go here too. :-) It's a really great sale. If you are at all interested in any of Steve's art, this is the time to get some.

In celebration of Steve's birthday the SK Art site is having a sale -- the only site-wide sale of the year. There is an excellent selection of work available.

Here are the details:

-- Sale is on Steve's birthday only -- September 13th. If it is September 13th anywhere in the world, the sale is on.
-- 40% off all original paintings on the SK Art site
-- 40% off all prints
-- 25% off all cards (a perfect time to pick up those Bah Humbug Christmas cards! )
-- 10% off any painting commissioned during the sale (first contact has to be made during the sale and the deal finalised within a reasonable time afterwards)
-- free shipping

We are also now offering an extended payment (ie., layaway) plan (which will also be in effect for the sale) to buyers. Buyers will be able to spread payments over a three month period (one payment per month) for any original painting (commissions also), and may be able to arrange to extend payments an extra month or two for the largest size paintings or multiple purchases.

The prices should be all changed on the site by the time the sale begins, but if anyone experiences any problems with the website or the sale prices, please email me


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