Sunday, September 23, 2007

the sale

The SK art sale did very well -- both for Steve and for the people who got great deals on his art. More than twice the number of originals sold this year than last so that was very, very exciting. Fewer prints sold, but it was still a very good number. Given how many originals sold my guess is some people who might previously have purchased prints bought originals this time.

Last year's sale was more dominated by US buyers, with a fairly strong showing of Australian print buyers. I think all the originals went to US buyers, but I might be mistaken. This year a large chunk (over a third in number, and more than that if you count dollar amount) went to buyers outside the US -- mostly Australia. It's been a "nervous" year in the US and almost every artist here I know is having shaky sales. During one of my art group's meetings several of the artists said they noticed that in the year before presidential elections art sales generally suck. It has been a strange year in my art coop gallery/shop -- some months there are excellent sales, other months no one even comes in the place. Steve has several very good US customers this year, but the base doesn't seem to be quite as broad as in past years. Some of that might be due to the lack of a US tour this year. I know he had several sales from people who only learned of his artwork when they went to one of the concerts. Plus the tour generated a bit of excitement which carried over into art sales.

Sales to other areas have been noticably stronger this year. I always thought it was strange that not many of Steve's works sold to Australians -- well this year that changed. Quite a few sales were from there. Good sales to Europe also -- a little flurry just after the tour there, and then a nice amount during the sale. And Steve even had a couple of nice sales this year to buyers in Korea, which is very exciting. He had a couple of paintings go to a buyer in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, and I believe one or two pieces are in Japan. I like seeing his work go to markets which can't really be considered his strongest.

And now I'm working on ideas for a few things for next year. If they pan out they could be a lot of fun.


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i'm glad the sale went well. i'm happy for that.

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