Thursday, October 18, 2007


All the stuff I bought off Ebay is arriving. Sad to say I don't think the electric heated outdoor cat pad is going to work. I don't have outside electrical outlets, and although I thought the cord would fit through a corner of the door or window, it just isn't going to. And I can't drill a hole in the wall for access either -- plus it would have to be a fairly large hole for the plug to fit though. That just isn't going to fly. Oh well, I was a bit nervous about leaving it plugged in overnights anyway. All is not lost in my quest to keep the outside kitties warm however. I did order a Snuggle Safe -- a microwaveable disc which can stay warm all night if a cat sleeps on it. I've used them before outside and the cats loved them, so I just need to order one or two more. And because they aren't tethered to an electrical outlet, they are very versatile. I should have just gone with them in the first place.

The battery for my ibook also came. I need to put it in, charge it up, and see how it works. I will enjoy having freedom to move about more with the ibook. Right now I might as well be on the desktop. I'm getting a bit more used to this little thing, but I still have a ways to go before I'm even as comfortable on it as I am on the desktop (and I'm no whiz on the desktop!).

Some precut and beveled glass blanks I ordered also came. They are star and christmas tree shapes and I plan to use them to make ornaments to sell in the shop. Each year we all make some ornaments to sell and donate the profits to the shop. It helps with the operating expenses. Some of these will go to that, although I have more than I need to donate for the shop so I will sell some for me. I plan to paint these with a heat set glass paint. It allows me to offer inexpensive seasonal ornaments in addition to my regular stained glass items. Of course my regular glass items have been on the inexpensive side lately too -- partly because I don't have the work space to make larger things and partly because I don't really have a market for larger items now. I do have a few items in the few hundred dollar range, but most items are $50 and under, and the vast majority is even under $30. But in this economy that seems to be the price range that sells most consistently (there are always exceptions, of course, but we aren't "known" artists). For example another member of the coop makes wooden bookmarks. He charges $12.50 each for them and he does wonderfully. He recently did an outdoor art/craft show in an upscale neighbourhood and had his best ever one day total. People don't have to think real hard for $12.50 and they make nice little gifts.

And the futon frame came. It's in two boxes. One box -- fairly good sized box -- has the arms. They seem mostly assembled. The box with the rest of the frame however.... Well, it's about 10"x6"x54" -- they sent me a bunch of lumbar!! EEK!!! "Some assembly required"? I guess so! LOL. I know I'll manage, but I'll probably curse a whole lot. I'll let you know how it goes. :-)


Blogger veleska1970 said...

oh i LOOVVE it when goodies arrive all at once like that. it's a mini-christmas. ;)

speaking of, i hope you do well with your ornament sale. everybody loves christmas, so i expect you will. :)

i'm with you on the "assembly" bit~~it is annoying when you have to put something together yourself. i always seem to, even with the instructions, have somethign not quite lined up right or whatever....

6:26 AM  
Blogger Région Frontière said...

Oh god, it took me and a friend forever to put my futon frame together. We nearly came to blows over it.

12:15 PM  

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