Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm going to splurge and buy a GPS system. I figure with any luck I'll be doing a lot of driving to unfamiliar areas this summer and since my sense of direction completely sucks I need all the help I can get. I've gotten by without one for years, but I just checked some out and the prices have dropped to the point where they are really quite reasonable, especially if you go for a more basic model. I figure with a GPS system, good maps/road atlas, Mapquest or Google directions (or maybe even a AAA Triptik -- I'm a AAA member so I might as well use it) I should be able to find my way around without getting lost too many times.

Of course, going to see The Church will be a splurge too. I've been doing a little checking on hotels in the various possible cities and the cost for those will add up pretty quickly. Several venues I'm considering look fairly suburban though, which means parking will be fairly easy which is always nice, especially because suburban hotels are often less expensive than downtown ones. And I'll be renting a car if I go to several shows. Although my car is now running pretty well (it should be after what I just spent on it!), my sister will need a car to get around while she's here taking care of everything, so she can use mine and I can put all those miles on a rental instead on my car. Besides, rentals have cd players and my car doesn't. :-)

I've been making prints and cards for SK's Pittsburgh show. Right now it's slow going as I'm having to set up every single piece and I'm still learning how to do that. It's not hard, but it's still really new to me so I have to think my way through everything. But the prints and cards are beautiful and it's going to be wonderful to be able to provide better (ie., faster) service to our customers. Plus it will be less stressful!


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I say go for it with GPS system. I wanted to get one and I'm not even going on any trips! They have come down in price quite a bit. I think it could be enormously helpful. When my mom and I are picked up at LAX after coming home from a trip the shuttle guys all use the GPS systems now. I love hearing the woman's voice give these perfect, exact instructions on where to go.

I'm excited for you that'll you'll be seeing multiple Church shows. I did end up buying two tickets because I also have the fear "What if this is the last time I have to see them?" I love MWP's comment to SK about touring dates though.

Also, yes indeed, put the miles on a rental car! I wish I was going on this trip with you!

How cool that you're making SK's prints and cards yourself. Sounds like that purchase worked out well for you so far.

Oh also - I assume you're going to shows in the NE as your sis can't come the week they're playing in Ohio?

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