Wednesday, February 06, 2008

...because I'll get a blog out of it.

There have been some comments on my blog recently which I should have responded to, but being the slug I am I haven't. So I figured I could respond to them now and get a blog entry out of it! :-D

-- Phone calls/telemarketers -- I don't get many phone calls (really...who am I going to give my number to anyway?), and most of the calls I get, especially on my cell phone, are from people who's numbers I recognise. Calls from people whose numbers or voices I don't know right off -- or when there is a pause before the person starts speaking -- are generally telemarketers. I don't like telemarketers. Granted I've never really been inundated by them (I did do the do not call list Catz and it really did help), but I find them rude and annoying. Even the supposedly charity calls which aren't stopped by the do not call list irritate me -- partly because I'm cynical and think that most are probably scams. So, yep Veleska, that's why I was really hesitant when you first called but then ended up yakking my fool head off. :-D

-- Phone calls/SK -- yeah, hanging up on SK would be damned embarrassing. And it's not as much that he's SK as it is that he hasn't done anything to deserve being hung up on. I'd feel bad hanging up on any of you people too. :-) Guess I better get used to giving the calls I think are telemarketers (or bill collectors for the people who used to have my phone number, although those have tapered off recently) a bit more time before I hang up.

As for actually talking to SK I think most people would do just fine. If for some reason he got a bunch of fans phone numbers and decided to call some I think once people got over the "OMG! It's Steve Kilbey!" reaction they would have quite a nice chat with him unless they were totally rude or silly. Part of what would help is that if he calls it's almost certainly because he feels like talking, and when he feels like talking he's great.

-- exhibition. I didn't make it super clear, but the exhibition will be of Steve's work, not mine. If I'm feeling really ambitious (unfortunately that's not very likely) I will make sure there is plenty of my work up when his show is on so people coming to see his stuff will also see mine. I just set the time for it -- the whole month of May, and it will be in Yellow Springs. I'm going to have another blog about the current plans/ideas for it tomorrow (and will almost certainly blather on and on about it for the next couple of months). I figure at least some of you are interested in it, unlike my family members. :-( (I'm allowed to whine -- it's my blog! ;-) )

-- Steve Kilbey Live DVD -- Catzy asked about this. It's one of the solo shows Steve did in New Zealand last year (when the fucking Church was supposed to be touring here! Wah! >:( Ok that was never officially planned, but I heard rumours about it and wanted so much for it to be true...). He really seems to be enjoying himself and the audience was enjoying it too. He said this was one of the best solo shows he'd ever done. You can order it online here.


Blogger General Catz said...

Thanks for all the answers in one blog! What a great idea. And when you have the exhibition, why not take a photo of the area to show your bloggie friends?

8:26 AM  
Blogger eek said...

Thanks. I was pleased with the idea. :-)

I certainly am planning on taking pics of the exhibit to put online. One guy took pics of the first one and set up a little online picture tour. I might contact him to see if he'd like to do the same thing this time. And I will probably take some shots myself that are more casual to share with friends.

3:00 AM  

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