Sunday, June 29, 2008


Steve is going to be performing at the ARIA Hall of Fame award show this Tuesday -- twice. Once with the Triffids (vocals on Wide Open Road) and once playing The Real Thing (according to the bulletin sent out from his Myspace page he's doing vocals on that too) for the induction of Russell Morris.

I swear sometimes I'd like to shake that man. Last year the Aria people tried to induct the Church into the HOF but the band declined because they were "unavailable." I'm sorry but I don't quite believe they were so damned busy they couldn't have made it if they wanted to. I'm especially doubtful after reading SK's blog rant about what the Aria people wanted (they were asked to play two of their best known songs -- imagine the fucking gall of that!!! :rolleyes: ) which ended with "i'd rather circumcize myself with a blunt plectrum". Granted the rant was pretty funny (especially that last line), but sometimes his (and the band's) refusal to do so many things that could help them publicity-wise is maddening.

Whether or not they get inducted into this HOF has no bearing on my admiration or respect for them, and I doubt it does for many hardcore fans. But I do think things such as an Aria HOF induction or having one of their albums featured on a program such as the "Great Australian Albums" one SK appeared on talking about the Triffids would help raise the level of awareness of them amongst a whole host of more casual fans. I'm hoping SK's (and Tim's) appearance at this ARIA HOF ceremony and the Rockwiz appearance (yet to air, but taped a few months ago) is signaling a change of heart in regards to taking advantage of this type of publicity. I hope so anyway.

But SK's self-circumcision...ouch! -- that's bound to hurt!


Blogger veleska1970 said...

i hate to wuss out, but everything you said is correct.

they need exposure, and i think the award would do that for them.

10:10 PM  
Blogger eek said...

It looks as if Morris did the vocals on The Real Thing (I found a very short clip online). I kinda wondered about that since he was going to be there and is still performing.

It does seem that he had a reasonably good time at this years induction ceremony though, so maybe that will encourage them to accept if they are offered again.

1:24 AM  
Blogger ross b said...

The Church really, REALLY, deserve induction into the Hall of Fame, they were, and remain, extraordinary as far as rock bands go. It's ridiculous, all the fluff that gets put up there (amongst admittedly, some other good bands & artists)...but the Church tower most if not all of them!

No words can express how great this band is...We Love Them!!!

Enough ranting from me...but you're right, they deserve their place in the HOF!!


9:04 AM  

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